"A must read..."


"Want to upgrade your future and realize your destiny? Start here!"
Patrick Snow, International Best-Selling author of 'Creating Your Own Destiny' and 'The Affluent Entrepreneur'
Tesia is a Wise, Insightful, Caring soul. She has learned to be more, because of life's circumstances. You can learn much about how to make the most of your life from her."
Yvonne Vnuk Nielsen, author of 'The Power of Pure Love: Mental Fung Shui'
"I was first captivated by Tesia's story as she delivered a moving speech to a group of aspiring best selling authors. I immediately knew I wanted a copy of her book. Tesia details her journey along with lessons of transformation, change and leadership. The unconditonal love of one man became the catalyst for her and her family to look beyond their circumstances to the unlimited possibilities that exist. This book teaches you how to find the positive in every circumstance in your life. A must read!"
Jeffery Bow, author of, 'Stop Thinking, Start Believing: How to Break Through Fear and Ignite Your Brilliance'
"Thank goodness for the kind act of one man and the loving thankful words expressed here by this young dynamo of a woman! Tesia simply got an early lesson in thankfulness and as she steps out into the world as a young adult in an effort to pay it forward - there is nothing now that's going to dim the bright light in this speaker and entrepreneur! Look out world!!!"
Nicole Gabriel, author of, 'Finding Your Inner Truth'
"The seeds of our success will often lay dormant within us until a book such as this awakens and empowers us to be masters of our destiny." Luis Fuentes, author of, 'The Lantern'
"In her book 'Upgrading Your Future', Tesia Melani provides parents with the tools to encourage their children to build on a solid foundation and to develop the leadership qualities to be a positive influence for good".
HC Joe Raymond, speaker, coach and author of, 'Embracing Change From The Inside Out'
"This book teaches you how to find the positive in every little event that has happened to you Pick it up, read it and find your positive!"
Carol Paul, author of, 'Team Clean: The Ultimate Family Clean-Up-The-House Formula'
“I love the transformational change that can happen when you read this book! Thank you Tesia for making the world a better place!”
Brett Dupree, author of, 'Joyous Expansion: Unleashing Your Passions to Lead an Inspired Life'
"Tesia’s entrepreneurship and marketing knowledge is provided throughout this book….a ‘must’ read".
Julia Keiko Matsui Higa Estrella, author of, 'Being Local In Hawaii’i, 201'
"Tesia's energy is contagious. She is truly engaged, committed and enthusiastic, and she can help you be the same. You WILL be inspired, and your world will be better if you work with her!"
Andy Weisberg, author of, 'Laid Off and Crazy Happy - Memoirs of a Houseband'
Tesia handles a challenging subject masterfully. She illustrates beautifully how life unfolds in ways we cannot imagine, while giving the reader a sense of strength and courage. This is a must-read!
Sheila Paxton, author, 'Getting Past Jaded'
"Upgrading Your Future is a powerful and honest book that gives youthe gift of discovering new ways of seeing yourself. Read this bookif you're ready to make positive change happen in your life."
Jody Rose Helfand, MA, MFA, author of 'Transforming Yourself' and 'Places Male and Female'
"I am very am impressed by this powerful and inspiring book. Tesia Melani's wisdom far surpasses her years in age. This is a timeless message of empowerment and upliftment that will inspire all to step into their hero's journey and actualize their magnificence, just as this author has."
Nora Yolles-Young, author of 'Healing Effortlessly. 50 Ways to Heal Yourself and the Planet'
"For the young woman she is, Tesia has learned more about life than some of my generation (early baby boomer). She is a graceful, confident young woman just a few years from high school, yet she's making a grand entrance into her life which is bound to be full of richness. Give this book to your teenager. See how she affects them. You may be amazed by how your children will respond and reach out for achievement."
Jay Ogden, Certified Financial Planner (1987), Permaculture Design Student since 1997. Author and Guest Speaker local and mainland events. Author of, 'Fooding Your Family'